Type of Beautiful Spotlight: Moya



Describe Your Type of Beautiful: 

Loving Beautiful. I really do want the best for everyone, and for everyone to have love in their lives, especially love with honesty and trust. I believe in being there for people whenever they need you (if you can be), and doing everything that you can always, with a good heart and mind behind it. Even if I don’t receive it back from anyone, I know that the one person upstairs matters and that He does. It’s easy to be negative. It takes more work to always be positive, but I would rather love and be positive and see all the good things happen, and see the good in most of everything, then to not.

I want to love, and be loved, and all others to be loved… I truly think that is my beautiful.


Who Are Your Fashion Inspirations?

Definitely always and forever- Sarah Jessica Parker! Current fashion inspirations would have to be Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Victoria Beckham. I absolutely love Michael Costello and his BEAUTIFUL dresses!!!  Beyonce also has wonderful, colorful style!

What Is Your Go-To Outfit?




My go-to outfit would definitely be a wonderful, cute sundress, or a button up with a pencil skirt!  Other than that, for laying at home or a quick run it would be leggings with a cute tank or hoodie (depending on the time of year ) and a cap!





What Fall Trend Or Style Are You Most Excited About?


I am so excited for the layered clothes for fall!!! How can anyone not be!

  • Tall brown or maroon boots with the tall socks under them and the cute big sweater.
  • Layered tops with an amazing fall leather or suede jacket with a wool inside.
  • The most colorful scarfs and cute hats!! I’M So IN LOVE WITH IT ALL!! Lol
  • Fall make-up and nails to add the perfect touch 🙂

What is Your Favorite Item of Clothing/Favorite Accessory?

My favorite item of clothing would definitely have to be my leggings or jeans! And my favorite accessory of course is my earrings and necklaces.

Favorite Perfume:


My Favorite Perfume is going to have to be by Zara and is called ZARA Black Amber!!! They also have Day and Night! Love them both!!! Or the Dolce Blue.


Favorite Hair Product:

I love hair products all the same, but if I have to swear by one it would have to be Perfect Edges by Crème of Nature. I have really curly hair, so when I need my curls to stay in place or pulled back- with this stuff I have no worries!  It goes right out of your hair by just brushing, and absolutely NO FLAKING!!! It’s AWESOME!

Fave Makeup Brands:

  • Of Course- MAC!
  • True Blend by L’Oréal
  • Anastasia

If You Only Have Time To Put On One Makeup Product, What Would It Be?

Only had time for one thing!! oh Goodness …LOL!!!! It would have to be to Mascara! Lol oh gosh! …lol

*(How cute is she?!)*

Favorite Makeup Tip Or Trick

False eyelashes!! They do the most to your eyes (so I’ve been told)!!!

Go-To Bargain Makeup Choice:

I don’t think I have a favorite bargain one… but if it had to be something I think that I would go with eyeliner.

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self About Beauty?

Make sure to take care of your skin and your hair! Make sure that you always have a good face washing system.  That way you have beautiful skin and you will be comfortable not wearing make-up unless it is a special occasion!  Never put fake eyelashes on (or be really careful when you do) because they will tear out your original ones, and then you will have to continue to wear them!  If you want to brighten your face do it naturally! Don’t do too much. Be HAPPY BEING NAPPY !! lol sounds funny right… but really, be happy with your hair and how it is! Take care of it! Never put perms or bad products in your hair, so that it doesn’t break off and then in turn have to get it cut!  Matter of fact treat your hair and don’t cut it!! Make sure that you know most of the beauty comes from the inside and not the outside!!! Be amazing and love and be honest. That’s the real beauty! BE NATURAL!!!


Gorgeous, and also incredibly talented!  Moya is an amazing artist, check out her artwork here!

She is truly beautiful, inside and out ❤ Keep up with her on Instagram for hair, makeup, and fashion inspiration. 


Thanks so much for reading, another Type of Beautiful Spotlight is coming soon!  









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