Best Beauty Products Under $5

I love a good bargain, but I have discovered that you often get what you pay for when it comes to cosmetics.  There are, however, exceptions to this rule!  Here are 10 bargain products I have purchased, and love just as much (or more!) as high-end products.

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Illuminating Palette in Catwalk Pink ($4.99)


This illuminating palette is SO GORGEOUS!  I was really upset because I thought it had been discontinued.  When I wrote this post, it was the first product I thought of so I was on a mission to find it.  As you can see, it still exists but the packaging changed.  *whew*.  I will use a fluffy powder brush and swipe it across the palette to pick up a bit of each shade, then I brush it over my cheekbones and at my temples for some highlight/blush action.  It is so beautiful on, and it warms my face up after applying foundation.   I will also use these shades individually as eyeshadow, so this is a multi-use product!

Wet n Wild Foundation Brush ($2.99)


Keeping it in the Wet n Wild family for now, I recently picked this brush up from Meijer and I really like it!  This brush has synthetic polymax fibers that are perfect for cream or liquid foundation.  The first time I used it (with True Match liquid foundation), I expected to go over the foundation with a damp beauty blender after applying it with the brush.  I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find I didn’t need that extra step at all!

NYC New York Color Browser Brush-On Brow Kit, Brush-On Brunette ($3.79)


This brow kit is THE original brow product for me.  I used this years ago when I was first starting to play around with makeup, and I still reaaaaally like it.  I would not recommend the tweezers or brush it comes with (both are bad news bears), but the powder and wax itself both work really well. I would recommend using it with a smaller angled brush, this $3 e.l.f. brush is actually the one I use.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss ($4.99)


Love this gloss!  I like the texture of it; it is moisturizing and not terribly sticky.  It is pretty long-lasting, and it comes in many beautiful shades.  This is the shade Nude Pink, which for me is the perfect “my lips but better” shade.

NYX Butter Gloss ($5)


NYX is really an amazing brand!  Butter Gloss is another go-to product.  They have a silky smooth formula, are moisturizing, and highly pigmented.  Like the Mega Shine glosses, these come in a wide range of shades and you can find one to flatter any skin tone.

Johnson’s Hand & Face Wipes ($2.99 for a 25 count)


I read Victoria Beckham’s book That Extra Half an Inch a few years ago.  In it, she shared that she uses Johnson’s baby wipes to remove her makeup because they were always around.  I haven’t bought a makeup remover wipe since!  Baby wipes are so much more affordable and work just as well.  Sometimes I do have to go at my eye makeup with Clinique Take The Day Off balm, but those are days traditional makeup wipes wouldn’t do the job, either.  I typically buy the Pamper’s Sensitive Wipes, but I spotted these at the store and decided to give them a go.  They do great work!  These do remove mascara a bit better than the sensitive wipes but I’ll likely go back and forth between the two in the future.

Sinful Colors Nail Polish ($1.99)


These affordable nail polishes are amazing!  They have a huge range of shades and provide great coverage with two coats.  I use these with Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat and the Seche Vite Fast dry top coat, and get beautiful nails.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara ($4.69)


Great Lash is a cult classic for a reason!  The mascara has the perfect brush for separating and lengthening lashes, and it doesn’t clump or flake.   It has one of the wands that finds every single little lash!

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original ($1.89)


I can not rave about this lip therapy balm enough!  It is my favorite, favorite, favorite lip product.  I have tried countless balms and chapsticks, both drugstore and high end, but I always keep coming back to this.  It put it on every night before bed and I always wake up with the softest lips.

Johnson’s Baby Lotion ($3.99)


I know this is baby lotion, but I just love how it smells!  It is really moisturizing; I always have a bottle around somewhere.  My favorite scent of this lotion is actually the Shea & Cocoa Butter!  Check these out for yourself!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or if you have anything to add to the list!




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