Type of Beautiful Spotlight: Jessica

Describe Your Type of Beautiful:

1. What type of beautiful would you say you are_  (no wrong answer….jpeg

I honestly don’t think there is a ‘type’ of beautiful. I think that is a flaw in American culture. The idea that we think we need to have types… or standards on what beautiful is or what it should be, doesn’t make any sense to me. If you just do you, whoever you is… that in itself is beautiful. Being your authentic self, that is beautiful.

Who are your fashion inspirations?


Most of my wardrobe is thrifted or vintage. I am more of a genres/decades broad. I like to mix and match decades and genres. I tend to match eclectic funk.. paired with some 60s/70s flair… when I feel like it… 80s flair… when I feel like… or 90s… lol, you get the drift.  But I would say these three amazing queens. 

  1. Erykah Badu.  She does whatever the F** she wants… and I love it. 
  2. India Arie.  Print game and head scarf game is always on point and elegant! 
  3. Andra Day.  Andra has this retro eclectic chic look that I love.


What is your go-to outfit?


To contrary belief, I’d rather be in comfortable clothes. So a plaid shirt or a t-shirt, leggings or a skinny jean, and a boot (flat or lace up) or a tennis shoe. 

What fall trend or style are you most excited about?

Fall trends!!! Too many! Scarves. Freaking scarves. Not winter scarves, but scarves I can wear on my head or around my neck. My scarves double… hell triple for many things in my wardrobe.


What is your favorite item of clothing or accessory?

Earrings and hats. I think I have a pretty dope earring collection. In the process of rebuilding my hat collection and added some new snapbacks to the collection.



Favorite perfume:

Fact: I don’t wear perfumes. I actually don’t like the harsh smell! No shade to ladies who do! lol. Everything I put on my body I try to keep au natural. 

Favorite hair product:

Shea Butter! lol what black girl don’t love her Shea butter. It has to be raw Shea butter though.

Holy-grail makeup products:

  • Foundation: Smashbox Studio Skin
  • Eyebrow pencil:  Lancôme Le Crayon Poudre 
  • Lipstick: Too many brands! I love a good matte lip. Lately stumbled upon a brand called Tattoo Junkee and their Lip Paint. It is Fire! My lips love it.

If you only had time to put on one thing (mascara, lipstick, etc.) what would it be?

Lipstick of course! 

What is your favorite makeup trick?


I don’t wear makeup everyday. I only wear it when I go out to fancy occasions or a show. I look at make-up or the art of applying make-up as a treat. I like to take my time. With that being said, make up trick… contour and highlight. 

Go-To Bargain Makeup Choice:

The Tattoo Junkee Lip Paint: Vixen. Got it at Walgreens during Halloween for like 6 bucks. 

What would you tell your younger self about beauty?

That it is okay to be the black girl that you are, and that you are black enough, and that your authenticity is beautiful. I was a black theatre/sports person who loved things like reading, hiking, and nature, and boats, lol. Not too many of me running around Lansing, Michigan. lol. I didn’t know what it meant to be unapologetic then.  Like truly not give 2 shits… lol. But now, I’m the dopest black chick I know. Take it or leave it America, lol.   


When do you feel most beautiful?


I feel the most beautiful being me. Hell, I can feel beautiful in my pajamas! It’s easy to say “I feel beautiful all dolled up”. Nah… I feel beautiful in the way that God/Universe made me. That’s being me everyday… No make up, no frills… Just me. 



Jessica is a Midwest girl from Lansing, Michigan. She reps and loves her home state and town something fierce! If you want to know more about her shenanigans in Chicago as a working Educator, performer, and actress, follow her on all her social media platforms:

*A big, HUGE thank you to the lovely, the talented, the one-and-only… Jessica!!!  Seriously guys, follow her on everything.  Get inspired!  She has a beautiful soul to match her beautiful outside, and always has an exciting project (or two, or three) in the works!*

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