Passion Planner 2018 – Get Organized!

Happy New Year!  To kick off my blog posts for the year, I wanted to start by sharing my Passion Planner.  I know this is much different from what I usually post, but hear me out!  When I get unorganized and busy, my my beauty routine always gets pushed aside.  I always look and feel my best if the rest of my life is together! Organization is key.

I have a paper planner every year; I really enjoy writing things down so I refuse to have everything in my phone or in computer calendar. This year’s Passion Planner is the first one I have had, and I am absolutely loving it.


Miguel helped me film my YouTube video intro, check out the full video for a more in-depth tour of my planner!


The Passion Planner has instructions to help get your goals down on paper, and tips to break them down into measurable, tangible goals.


Here is a month view in the planner.  I used washi tape to decorate, and to block off my workouts to help me keep track of my schedule.  I also used washi tape to cover the edge of the page for each month to make the pages easier to find.


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