Passion Planner 2018 – Get Organized!

Happy New Year!  To kick off my blog posts for the year, I wanted to start by sharing my Passion Planner.  I know this is much different from what I usually post, but hear me out!  When I get unorganized and busy, my my beauty routine always gets pushed aside.  I always look and feel my best if the rest of my life is together! Organization is key.

I have a paper planner every year; I really enjoy writing things down so I refuse to have everything in my phone or in computer calendar. This year’s Passion Planner is the first one I have had, and I am absolutely loving it.


Miguel helped me film my YouTube video intro, check out the full video for a more in-depth tour of my planner!


The Passion Planner has instructions to help get your goals down on paper, and tips to break them down into measurable, tangible goals.


Here is a month view in the planner.  I used washi tape to decorate, and to block off my workouts to help me keep track of my schedule.  I also used washi tape to cover the edge of the page for each month to make the pages easier to find.


Here is what a month page looks like before you decorate/start scheduling.


There are blank pages in the back as well as grid paper if you like to bullet journal.

I use Sharpie Pens to write in and decorate my planner, they don’t bleed through and dry very quickly.  I also got washi tape and a book of planner stickers.

I have the same goals I do most years – eating healthier, saving money, and taking better care of myself!  I’m thinking this planner will really keep me on track.

Thanks for reading!  If you’re new to my blog, check out my two most popular posts to get a feel of what I usually share: my Fall Lookbook and Best Beauty Products Under $5.

What are your goals for the year?  Let me know in the comments, and please let me know if you have any questions about the planner!  If you’re interested in getting your own Passion Planner, check them out here.



4 thoughts on “Passion Planner 2018 – Get Organized!

  1. I have to confess, I’ve never used a planner like this before – and I hadn’t actually heard of Passion Planner before reading this post. But seems like there are a lot of fans of these planners out there – maybe I should jump on the wagon and check them out 😉 x

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