Type of Beautiful Spotlight: Jessica

Describe Your Type of Beautiful:

1. What type of beautiful would you say you are_  (no wrong answer….jpeg

I honestly don’t think there is a ‘type’ of beautiful. I think that is a flaw in American culture. The idea that we think we need to have types… or standards on what beautiful is or what it should be, doesn’t make any sense to me. If you just do you, whoever you is… that in itself is beautiful. Being your authentic self, that is beautiful.

Who are your fashion inspirations?


Most of my wardrobe is thrifted or vintage. I am more of a genres/decades broad. I like to mix and match decades and genres. I tend to match eclectic funk.. paired with some 60s/70s flair… when I feel like it… 80s flair… when I feel like… or 90s… lol, you get the drift.  But I would say these three amazing queens. 

  1. Erykah Badu.  She does whatever the F** she wants… and I love it. 
  2. India Arie.  Print game and head scarf game is always on point and elegant! 
  3. Andra Day.  Andra has this retro eclectic chic look that I love.


What is your go-to outfit?


To contrary belief, I’d rather be in comfortable clothes. So a plaid shirt or a t-shirt, leggings or a skinny jean, and a boot (flat or lace up) or a tennis shoe. 

What fall trend or style are you most excited about?

Fall trends!!! Too many! Scarves. Freaking scarves. Not winter scarves, but scarves I can wear on my head or around my neck. My scarves double… hell triple for many things in my wardrobe.


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Type of Beautiful Spotlight: Sarah


Describe Your Type of Beautiful:

Comfortable and versatile. Regardless of what I’m wearing or how I feel, I have to always be comfortable. I like to switch up my style and keep things interesting.

Who are your fashion inspirations?

I draw inspiration from all over. I LOVE the fashion in Sex and the City. Patricia Field is a genius. I also love Rihanna and Beyonce. They’re edgy, timeless and unforgiving.

What is your go-to outfit?

Definitely leggings with an oversized top. It can easily be dressed up or down simply by adding or removing accessories.

What fall trend or style are you most excited about?

Boots and sweaters! Tall boots and warm, cozy sweaters!

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Type of Beautiful Spotlight: Major Morris

Hello, all!  Welcome back for another Spotlight post!  This time I turned it over to my gorgeous friend who has her own blog – Major Morris.   My first collaboration post! Music, food, travel, beauty, and much more: she has a lot of great content, you need definitely need to visit her page!  I could get lost in her blog… so many amazing things to check out ❤ I did a Holy Grail product post on her site, be sure to head on over there!

Read on for her fashion and beauty favorites.

Major Morris


Creator of mjrmorris.com

Describe Your Type of Beautiful:

  • Quirky Boho, I’ve never been a person who was comfortable in tight, form fitting clothes.  From high school to now ( 32 yrs old) I have gone through many style iterations but one thing has remained constant. My love of oversized, flowy, movable garments.

Who Is Your Fashion Inspiration?

  • Traces Ellis Ross, hands down! Homegirl is AMAZING! I absolutely love her style and confidence. Her hair, #naturalgoals! What I love most, besides her confidence is the fact that she never plays it safe. She wears what she wants. Even the simplest outfits, she finds ways to make them her own.

What Is Your Go-To Outfit?


In a nutshell, this. Jean jacket, thick leggings, oversized T, with a cute hat, scarf, and comfy shoes.

What Fall Trend Or Style Are You Most Excited About?


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Type of Beautiful Spotlight: Katie

Describe Your Type of Beautiful:  

Natural beauty!  I don’t like to put on a whole lot of makeup, and when I do put on makeup I like it to look very natural for the most part.  I don’t need to be smoochin’ someone and have my face come off.


Who Are Your Fashion Inspirations?

Oh goodness gracious! I feel like I’m not the most stylish!  Anyone who likes to wear scrubs and yoga pants?? Haha Gigi Hadid is always dressed on point, and I want everything Blake Lively owns ever plz.

What Is Your Go-To Outfit?


Always yoga pants and t-shirt!  I am lazy.  If I wanna look fancy but still be comfy, a maxi dress is my jam.

What Fall Trend Or Style Are You Most Excited About?

I’m excited about boots and sweaters!!




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Type of Beautiful Spotlight: Moya



Describe Your Type of Beautiful: 

Loving Beautiful. I really do want the best for everyone, and for everyone to have love in their lives, especially love with honesty and trust. I believe in being there for people whenever they need you (if you can be), and doing everything that you can always, with a good heart and mind behind it. Even if I don’t receive it back from anyone, I know that the one person upstairs matters and that He does. It’s easy to be negative. It takes more work to always be positive, but I would rather love and be positive and see all the good things happen, and see the good in most of everything, then to not.

I want to love, and be loved, and all others to be loved… I truly think that is my beautiful.


Who Are Your Fashion Inspirations?

Definitely always and forever- Sarah Jessica Parker! Current fashion inspirations would have to be Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Victoria Beckham. I absolutely love Michael Costello and his BEAUTIFUL dresses!!!  Beyonce also has wonderful, colorful style!

What Is Your Go-To Outfit?




My go-to outfit would definitely be a wonderful, cute sundress, or a button up with a pencil skirt!  Other than that, for laying at home or a quick run it would be leggings with a cute tank or hoodie (depending on the time of year ) and a cap!





What Fall Trend Or Style Are You Most Excited About?


I am so excited for the layered clothes for fall!!! How can anyone not be!

  • Tall brown or maroon boots with the tall socks under them and the cute big sweater.
  • Layered tops with an amazing fall leather or suede jacket with a wool inside.
  • The most colorful scarfs and cute hats!! I’M So IN LOVE WITH IT ALL!! Lol
  • Fall make-up and nails to add the perfect touch 🙂

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Spotlight: Type of Beautiful


My Type of Beautiful
Classic, with a bit of sporty and trendy for good measure!


My Fashion Inspirations


Audrey Hepburn, Rihanna, Nicole Williams (from WAGS, anyone else watch that show?!)

My Go-To Outfit


Skinny jeans, cute top, light jacket, and heels or wedges.

Fall Trend/Style I’m Most Excited About

Bomber jackets and combat boots!  Also, I love a good scarf.

Favorite Item of Clothing



My Banana Republic jacket, definitely.  I throw it on with jeans and boots, or a dress and heels, it makes any outfit. *Fall Lookbook coming soon*

Favorite Perfume

  • Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy
Must-Have Hair Product

Sebastian  Re-Shaper Hairspray, which is currently on sale at Ulta!  Holla!  It smells amazing, and it brushes out easily for re-styling (hence the name).

My Three Holy-Grail Makeup Products
  • D.J.V. Miaray Fiberwig Mascara- this stuff is literally like false lashes in a tube.  A few coats and my eyelashes legit touch my eyebrows!  Leave a comment if you want me to post a video or more details about it.
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy– best lip balm I’ve ever used.  Period.
  • NYX Micro Brow Pencil– my favorite, a great dupe for Anastasia Brow Wiz.

You Only Have Time to Put On One Thing (Mascara, Lipstick, Etc.) What is it?

Mascara!  Better Than Sex is a great one-coat option.

Go-To Hairstyle






I go through phases, and right now it’s all about the topknot.  Evidence is here, in my butterfly-crown glamour shot!  Can I take a quick second to talk about how I’m late the the game, but slightly addicted to SnapChat now?!






Favorite Makeup Trick

Briefly (just a few seconds) heating an eyelash curler with a hairdryer before curling my lashes.  It makes the curl last all day!  I’ll also do this when I don’t put any makeup on, but want to pretend to look awake.

Best Bargain Makeup Item

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara- One of my favorite mascaras I’ve ever tried. It lengthens and separates your lashes, and it only takes one or two coats for really dark, stand-out lashes. I have a few high end mascaras I’ll go between (I think I’ve probably tested just about all of them), but I always have a tube of this on hand!  $2.99 at Walgreens.

If I Could Tell My Younger Self Something About Beauty, What Would It Be?




I’d tell younger me to embrace my curly hair, and stop comparing myself to other girls!  I didn’t know what to do, so I would try and brush my curls out, it didn’t end well.  Thank God Chrissy came along (love you!) and helped me out.  This is my 7th grade picture!




Keep an eye out for my guest Spotlight posts! Thanks for reading ❤